Implementing and Maintaining Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Technologies and Microsoft® Application Center 2000
Elective credit for the MCSE on both Windows 2000 and the new 2003 track

This exam was in beta from September 28 - October 7, 2001. It is live as of mid-November. The resource kit (top link) is your best bet for a single study resource. Pay plenty of attention to ways of deploying, replicating, and rolling back applications. Also, be very familiar with the monitoring sections of the book. There's a lot about monitoring on the exam (at least the beta). Also, when dealing with web & COM clusters, be sure you know where to run NLB, where to install the COM+ components, and where to choose COM+ with load balancing.
I passed with a 675 -- passing score is a mere 500! ... it wouldn't have been nearly as hard if I'd found the Resource Kit in time to read it all before taking the test! I hope you find this and my other lists helpful. Good luck and profitable studying to all!.

Application Center 2000 Resource Kit is an excellent resource recommended to me by Dr. Ray Turner. Don't expect it to cover everything, but it does cover a whole lot. All 14 chapters are available online as well!

  • 70-232 Exam Objectives

    The Software to play with
  • Order Windows 2000 Advanced Server Trial from MS for $8-$10
  • Download the trial edition of Application Center 2000

    Application Center 2000
  • Server Farms: Application Center 2000 Offers World-Class Scalability -- overview of Application Center

    High availability
  • High Availability
  • Building a Highly Available and Scalable Web Farm

  • overview of Windows 2000 Clustering Lots of links here to more information.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Cluster Service

    Component Load Balancing
  • COM+ CLB is no longer a part of Windows 2000 Q24206.
  • It is now a feature of Application Center 2000
  • See how (Using C++) to Use Application Center or COM and MTS for Load Balancing Your Component Servers

    More resources
  • 70-226 is a design exam closely related to 70-232.
  • 70-223 covers MS Clustering Services.
  • Cramsession for 232
  • Chris Butterworth's list has several good links for this one.

    If you know of more resources which should be listed here, please email a link to me. I very much appreciate other resources to study and will be sure to acknowledge you on this page.

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