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SQL Server Troubleshooting

MS SQL Server runs well enough that many organizations, large and small, install it and just let it run. They may have an excellent IT group. They may have a team that is very good getting the very best from their hardware and their Windows servers. They may have someone with dedicated knowledge of certain key systems.

But many lack specialized SQL Server expertise.

Most of the time, many companies don't really need that specialty.

But when SQL Server DOES act up, when the data access grinds to a crawl or MSDB grows huge or odd error messages are logged, a SQL Server troubleshooter is needed.

I've been troubleshooting problems from slow queries and missing indexes to odd installation problems for over a decade. I've worked on every version of SQL Server as far back as SQL Server 7. Please contact Black Locust Software so I can serve you.

Degree, Certifications, and where else to find me on the web

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bob Jones University
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
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  • I also work via Elance
  • I develop on Source Forge
  • I'm also a committer on Apache PDFBox.